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We offer bookkeeping services, customized to your needs and budget. We can manage your bookkeeping with remote technology, which allows you to access your books any time. We have your best interest in mind as we analyze your books and offer suggestions to enhance and streamline your business.

We also process sales and use tax returns as part of our financial services. We further support the audit requirements for Workmen's Compensation for our clients.

We specialize in bookkeeping services for small businesses (corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships), freeing the owners to grow their business and not focus on the mundane compliance issues and financial record keeping that the IRS demands.

We deal with sensitive and proprietary information daily. Because we understand the need to protect our clients' information, we provide you a confidentiality agreement so you can be assured that your information is kept strictly confidential. We guarantee it!

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable:

We can cut your checks, review and pay your invoices, handle job costing, client invoicing, receivables tracking, receipt recording, and reconciliations – whatever you need to manage your business effectively.

General Ledger and Financial Statements:

We prepare financial statements for your business on either a monthly or quarterly basis (depending on your needs), with complete accounting of all financial activity, and comparisons to prior years if the data is available.

Sales and Use Tax Returns:

We can prepare your sales and use tax returns and can also arrange for your licensing and wholesaler certificate as needed. All submissions are done electronically to free you up to run your business. Specific items we handle are:
  1. Sales and Use Tax Return Preparation
  2. Electronic Filing
  3. Exemption Certificate Preparation
  4. Audit Management
  5. Refund Claim Preparation
  6. Sales and Use Tax Registrations and Licensing Submissions
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