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Sales & Use Tax

Is your business required to pay sales and use tax? Maco & Associates specializes in helping businesses apply, file, and pay these taxes in the 46 states that collect them. Each state has its own rules, methods, procedures, and documentation (among other requirements) to administer these taxes. With us on your side, you'll be compliant!

Even though the consumer is ultimately responsible for sales tax, the seller is responsible for collecting and paying the tax liability. During an audit, the state puts the burden on the seller and collects the liability as well as additional fees and penalties. Many companies find the cost of collecting and filing these taxes a hassle. Maco & Associates can help; rest assured that you will never pay late filing fees again.

How do I know if I need to collect sales and use taxes?
Do you generate sales outside your state? Many states are becoming more aggressive in asserting when a seller of products or services must pay sales tax for their business activity. With more and more business being done online, it is important to be aware of your internet activities across state lines.

Here's an example: you sell a few items on eBay and before you know it, you receive a notice from the state showing taxes due. Now your small sales have evolved into what the state would consider a business with sales tax collection obligations. Maco & Associates helps small businesses stay on top of internet sales and determine when sales become taxable and should be reported to the state.

The bottom line is this: sales and use taxes can be complicated. Maco & Associates knows state tax law inside and out and will be your trusted advisor.

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