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Owning a small business changes the complexity of your tax situation dramatically. Suddenly, you can no longer sit down at your computer, enter your numbers into a spreadsheet, and expect easy answers. Your business may be too small to afford a large CPA firm, but you know that the complexity of your finances is greater than a franchise can handle. Maco & Associates is exactly what you need. We are a small, boutique accounting firm, filling a niche market of small businesses which are in varying stages of growth. Small businesses are our specialty, with particular emphasis on S-Corporations, Partnerships, Real Estate Investors, and Sole Proprietorships, since all of these entities affect your personal tax situation. We work with you throughout the year to provide tax minimization strategies, even with the pass-through implications of a small business.

Whether you are a corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, Personal Corporation, or a hybrid, we are here year-round to answer your questions. We compile and prepare your Federal, State, and Local Tax returns for your business (including net profits, returns, etc). We file your Pennsylvania (or any other state) corporate return (RCT 101) for you, and if you so desire, will also file your personal return based on the results of the corporate filing. We will provide quarterly estimate coupons for you when needed to minimize penalties.

There are a myriad of issues to deal with when running a small business. You do not need your tax return to take you away from running your company. We know the various filing dates for every entity, and we make sure to work with you to keep you abreast of all new tax laws and their implications on your business.

Partner with us! Give us a call today and let's talk about your needs. Imagine having a tax accounting firm you can truly rely on for accuracy and superb results – one that treats you like you're the only client they have – that's what you'll get at Maco & Associates. We make sense of your numbers!

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